ike hotels, serviced apartments are accommodation that can be booked for just a single night or longer. What a serviced apartment has that a hotel room doesn’t is the extra living space. Next time you’re travelling in the Midlands on a short stay Derby offers flexible accommodation in the form of serviced apartments that will feel like a home from home.

When you’re considering short stay accommodation Derby serviced apartments from Grand Central offer everything you’d expect from a hotel room – bed, wardrobe, bathroom – but also additional living space. You’ll have kitchen facilities and more room generally. One of the major benefits from a cost perspective is that where a hotel rate is generally flat, serviced apartments will tend to reduce the daily rate the longer you stay. That makes them the ideal option for a work stay of a few days or longer.

How much will a serviced apartment cost?

Prices vary from region to region, and from city to city. You can expect London prices to be higher than they would be in other parts of the country, and when it comes to Midlands short stay accommodation Derby is less expensive than some of the larger cities. A hotel might be perfect for a night or two but longer than that you might find yourself craving the extra space. If you’re looking for a few nights short stay, Derby is conveniently located for the East Midlands and beyond.

Who can stay in a serviced apartment?

Essentially, anyone can stay in a serviced apartment but they are particularly suited to people staying for at least 4 nights, perhaps away on business or visiting multiple sites. They have the flexibility of additional space and serve as somewhere to use as a base. With the additional kitchen and living facilities, there is more scope to make yourself at home in serviced accommodation. If you are working, they will have more living space, perhaps even a kitchen table, and a good wifi connection so you could catch up with work from there more effectively than sitting on your bed or cramped desk in a hotel room. You have personal space in a serviced apartment, with the luxuries and comfort of a hotel, so they are a great option for those travelling on business.

What space does a serviced apartment offer?

The major difference between an apartment and a hotel is the kitchen facilities. Having the option of self-catering offers greater flexibility to corporate travellers. You can also expect more living space, more akin to a flat or apartment, with a dining table, sofa, and more space around the furniture so you won’t feel cramped.

Serviced apartments will often have access to amenities such as restaurants, shops or a concierge service, just like a hotel would – worth investigating ahead of your next business trip. For a short stay Derby is the perfect Midlands base.