Choosing a place to stay when on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, is a big decision. The type of accommodation you choose can help to define the quality of your stay. In recent years, self-catering trips have seen a surge in popularity, with serviced self catering apartments among one of the most popular options. As their popularity continues to rise, self-catering apartments are helping to redefine travel. Here’s how:

They offer greater flexibility

In today’s world, our requirements and needs are constantly changing, and with that comes a need for flexibility. Our technology-driven lives are fast paced, and no longer operate within normal working hours. Self catering apartments appeal to our need for flexibility. Hotels can often restrict guests, dictating the hours during which they should dine and by what hour they should be back in their room. Self-catered apartments allow guests to come, go and dine as they please, on their terms. Little wonder then that figures show serviced apartments have outperformed the hotel industry by 40% [1].

A greater adaptability

Self-catered apartments are often more adaptable to the modern family’s needs. They have the potential to offer more accommodation options than the traditional room set ups offered by hotels. For example, a self-catering apartment may be more suitable for a family travelling with an elderly relative who they want to keep close, for example, or for an extended family travelling together. They also offer a ‘home from home’ experience, including pleasant surroundings and facilities, which is a key driver in their popularity today.

They offer a ‘home from home’

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, travel habits have changed significantly. Once the world reopened again, serviced self catering apartments were seen as a great solution for travellers, offering a clean, hygienic and contained space for an individual or group. This then became the catalyst for people to realise the many benefits of self-catering apartments and continue to use them in the post-pandemic world. One of the key benefits is the ‘home from home’ experience they offer with not only the ability to come and go as guests please but also the addition of a more relaxed form of accommodation, complete with home comforts such as hairdryers, towels and TVs.

They are cost-competitive

Self-catering apartments are often a more cost-effective choice than hotels. As disposable incomes tighten and the cost-of-living crisis continues to take hold, they are a more attractive option not only for families or individuals but for businesses too. Self-catering apartments are helping to redefine travel not just for holidaymakers but for business travellers. Increasingly, businesses are opting for self-catering apartments for workers on extended business stays due to the flexibility they offer, the mod cons they bring (for example, super-fast Wi-Fi or free parking) and, of course, the opportunity they offer to minimise business travel expenses.

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