Staying near your local hospital may be vital in some situations. Whether you are tending to a sick loved one or are working for the hospital on a short-term contract, finding the right accommodation nearby is important.

Below is a list of 7 of our apartments that are within walking distance of the hospital. Whatever the reason for your visit, you can rest assured that at least your commute will take very little time and that your accommodation will be top of the line.

1.The Mill
The first accommodation near Derby Royal Hospital is The Mill, one of Grand Central Apartments’ premier locations. Situated in a listed building, this fully serviced, self-catering apartment offers all the amenities of a hotel without the price tag. Even your favourite promotional hotel products such as toiletries, towels, and linens are available, but with a much more personal, friendly service.

2.Corporate House
Corporate House – another Grand Central Apartments building – is the ideal place for professionals and contractors looking to stay near the hospital while they have business there. It’s also ideal accommodation near Derby Royal Hos

Centro offers landmark views and all-pital for medical staff.

3.Centroinclusive luxuries such as WiFi internet, free parking on site, baggage storage if you’re rushing to get into your apartment, and more. Centro offers a sense of home away from home that is perfect for family visiting a loved one at the nearby hospital.

4.Friar Gate Deluxe
The Grand Central Friar Gate Deluxe is a little more spacious than the other options on the list, offering a more luxurious space. It’s perfect for longer-term stays and, as with all the other apartments, offers a friendly meet-and-greet service, cleaning (including deep cleaning in accordance with COVID recommendations), laundry facilities, and more. If you appreciate promotional hotel products, towels, linens, and even toiletries are available to make you feel at home.

5.Littleover Deluxe
Grand Central Apartments’ Littleover Deluxe is another option for busy professionals looking for a smart, well-equipped apartment near the Derby Royal Hospital. Offering a variety of views as well as apartments that have balconies, this is a great place for both long and short-term stays.

6.Melton Court
Melton Court by Grand Central Apartments offers slightly smaller spaces that are no less stylish. Each also includes express check-in, all-inclusive facilities, and everything you need for your self-catered stay. Safety and security are impeccable, as with all Grand Central Apartments.

7.Pride Park House
Pride Park House offers a range of accommodations that is perfect for both professionals and whole families staying for a visit. There are delightful outdoor spaces, countryside views, and free parking on site. Promotional hotel products such as towels and bed linens are available – minus the hotel price tag!

Whether you are looking to stay near the hospital for work or a visit, Grand Central Apartments offer a selection of award-winning accommodation that will make you feel completely at home. Why not contact one of our friendly team of professionals today, and let us help you plan your stay?